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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lets just call this a "do-over"

Hello ladies and gents!
It's been a while, eh?
After an interesting week after going through a je ne sais pas, I am back in the game.
Had a lovely run and bike ride today. I was planning on actually doing a tempo run but I decided to nix that idea. After all, I would REALLY like to live through the training.

Goal for the week is going to be just 10 miles this week. A small goal, but one that is better done then not. I'm really hoping to be at a half marathon length by the time of the tri; that way I can possibly register for the Disney marathon the first of next year.

What else? I caved and bought the p90x system. After one session I decided to blow chunks. Yeah... It's going to take some time to build myself back up. It is amazing what a sedentary lifestyle for 9 months can do to you.

SO here's to a start over. Besides, spring break is just around the corner and well, Florida's swimsuit season is already underway. It be a shame for all of *this* to be couped up all summer.

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